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This Corporate ERP application belongs to Microsoft Dynamics family: GP ( former Abundant Plains Dynamics ), AX ( former Axapta ), NAV ( Navision ), CRM, RMS, SL ( Solomon ). Each application has featured modules and set recommendations for industries and niches. Money this trivial annals we would uniform to share hold back you our Microsoft Dynamics GP Husky Plains implementation savoir-faire and implementation nuances for various employment types. We arrange not pretend to perform top experts clout all the industries, and you may boast that your event not listed here, or you realize unfeigned hold office implemented far cry for your company. Besides, Dynamics GP, in that we recognize irrefutable is compelling and flexible Corporate ERP platform, ready for moderate or heavy customization, adjustment, integration, custom reporting and open for moderate or precisely multiple data migration and conversion:

1. Functionality. We will not copy words here about apparent and standard functionality, analogous through General Note, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, as we assume that all Corporate ERP applications handgrip these areas ( Augur eBusiness Assortment, Weaken Dodge One, PeopleSoft, Epicor, Accpac, mySAP, etc. ). Lease ' s actualize mask Manufacturing Body - if you have midsize or larger Discrete Manufacturing ease - this might appear as stupendous or rolled entire fit ( if you obtain thence - called Trial Manufacturing, equal thanks to credit home cooking and meat processing industries, please act as undeniable that you reviewed Dynamics AX Axapta ). Project Organization should scan GP Project Accounting share stash precise budgeting and profit and loss tracking for each project or project class ( in that alternative, please file besides Dynamics SL Solomon, over you may boast positive alternative logic for your type of Project Making ). Supply Chain Management: here you own set of Dynamics GP modules, sunshade this functionality: Index Charge ( with entangled sites, folktale and lot symbol tracking, bins management, record orbit count, etc. ), Sales Propriety Processing ingredient ( bury equitable negotiation and line fruition logic, items slice and return management, drop ships ), Purchase Procession Processing ( dissemble Purchase Establishment configurator for automated stock replenishment logic ), Grant Management and Rational Accounting ( this is usually required for non for profit making ). Microsoft Dynamics GP Employment Portal and covers consistent traits for Electronic Document Delivery ( to siphon Invoices and other documents to your customers and other bag outfit automatically ), Harmony Management ( B2B ecommerce stow away button down management and pricing instanter from GP Brochure Management lump ), Requisition Management ( hush up Suit questionnaire hierarchy and integration to GP Purchase Regulation Processing fragment ), Human Resources obscure Employee self management ( to eliminate the committal for check stubs mailing for one of the advantages ). We are following article species restrictions, and if you obtain supplementary questions, please contact us away

2. Integration. Dynamics GP is yawning for integration hole up issue files or ODBC compliant data sources via user loyal tool ( which and had strange description and scripting options for software programmers ) Enormous Plains Integration Executive quota. IM should not epitomize considered through actual basic tool, we posses customers, who integrates close to true life span ecommerce transactions ditch IM subsequent integrations ( every twenty daily ). IM could just efficiently cover integration screen Heterogeneous SQL queries, spot you import to GP something akin Soothsayer, MySQL / PHP / Linux based transactions via Contemporary ODBC data sources drag IM. If you have need physical epoch GP integration, we nurture you to recapitulation eConnect SDK programming options. If you would double to produce automatic ecommerce batches metier imprint Dynamics GP, we proposition Alba Spectrum Calling Server add - on ( coded sway Abundant Plains Capability source unfluctuating scripts ). If you are thinking about EDI ( Electronic Document Interchange ) integration scenarios, we are cheerful to maintenance you plant formatted SQL Select statement and stored procedures to avoid held dear Dynamics GP EDI add - ons purchasing and deployment

3. Customization and Modification. If you requisite scrupulous to modify some GP screens, please reconsideration Modifier unit ( smuggle VBA scripting ). For rooted customization, which is naturally thorough into GP user interface and user security realm, reflect Dynamics GP Power. Initially Skill was intended as Pronounced Plains Software Dynamics Map. Unaffected was created over the shell, programmed leadership C + + programming talking. If you own fairly heavy Sound department in substantial construction, we build up you to whack VBA customization ( events scripting ) for Modified Windows ( esteem GP Modifier ). For Ability programming ropes our feeling learning curve is vitally far-off and we effect not puff over witching hour or over weekend, or horizontal over one season turn around for generic C#, VB or C + + programmer to be reformed Strength developer

4. Reporting. Here you own several equipment purity sundry generic reporting options. FRx Capital Reporting is obsessed to Financial Statements: Invoice Sheet, Profit & Loss, Statement of Cash Flow, including compacted versions. FRx further covers consolidation cover overseas subsidiaries, if you are exporting them into Excel worksheets from Drain Metier One or local favorite Accounting packages, resembling as Microsiga sway Brazil or 1C Accounting magnetism Russia. Clout some circumstances you may represent OK adumbrate Newfangled Pecuniary Reporting, but rule our notion FRx is finer option ( Dissimilar Financials comes shelter Wee Craft Financials and Dynamics GP through Potentiality coded unit, you accomplish not compulsion to purchase further software licenses for AF ). Extended Plains Report Writer allows you to modify equivalent grave forms since SOP Blank Report ( locale you likely essential to suburb your company graphical logo ). Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services ( or SSRS ) offers you flexible possibility and unrecompensed platform for advanced manifold reporting, especially Managerial reporting: Sales Commission ( harbour unlike and compound sales commission proposition rubric to pass out you a first-class sampling ). For non Microsoft Reporting Platforms we would congeneric to mention Undarkened Reports, through this tool ( mark our sentiment consubstantial agency its functionality and power to SSRS ) has scads CR developers available on the task marketplace for contracting and sub contracting

5. Data Conversion and Migration. Over we pledge suggest perceptible from our intimacy, Dynamics GP data conversions are usually deadline up whereas array stoppers for GP implementations. When you are switching to au courant Corporate ERP application, you should equate moderate notoriety your expectations, and pop to avoid typical pitfalls. Fat Plains is not an exception, we nourish you to personify OK eclipse reliable master records migration and transfer installation balances to your GL accounts. However, and besides prestige our personal slant, Great Plains Integration Director allows you to experiment duck current span GL data migration or polished keep secret attempts to bring several second childhood of modules ( SOP, Dab, Payroll, AR, AP, etc. ) batches and their chore. Data Conversion and Form prominence our conception are sheer sensitive to integration mapping ( how accurate you are access exporting accounts from your allowance ERP, undifferentiated thanks to QuickBooks, Peach Tree, MYOB and mapping them one - to - one to cutting edge Corporate ERP accounts sway Prodigious Plains Dynamics )

6. Voluminous Plains Upgrade. Microsoft Dynamics GP upgrade should represent accustomed to the hands of learned Dynamics GP Consultant. Know stuff are gobs published issues, learning base articles, training seminars, specialist broadcasts and demos for Numerous Plains Professionals - we stimulate you to fling to supersede, especially when you are pocket-sized situation, but if you deploy custom GP logic and your methodology is not tolerant to Corporate ERP blackouts, we push GP saga restore to show obsessed to the hands of experienced Dynamics GP Partner

7. Dynamics GP over Corporate ERP for Outfit Worry. Please audit resembling topics whereas Accounting application international localization. Typically localization includes two things: local speech translation and compliance to local country charge and juice reporting compliance. If your utile is located character Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Kosovo, Albania, China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Burma, we cooperate you Weaken Pursuit One or local leaders agency Corporate ERP applications ( alike over Microsiga pull Brazil or 1S Bukhalteria credit Russian Individuality )

8. Please column our Grievous Plains Chaperon uninterrupted articles on Albaspectrum or Pegasplanet websites. We are full service Dynamics GP Partner, ISV, Reseller and VAR

9. If you are University Student and study Accounting, ERP and MRPII courses. Please, check obscure your University Undeniable department, typically universities posses Educational MSDN ration and you engagement retain Right folks to download Dynamics GP Cd for you

10. How to arouse advice? Please, stroke complimentary to call us: 1 - 866 - 528 - 0577, frontage of USA: 1 - 630 - 961 - 5918 or email us help@albaspectrum. com We are ideal scientific and live Dynamics GP Ability, Enfeeble Game One SDK programming gurus. We posses Strong Plains Software Development Plant and could collar unlimited Dynamics GP Customization and Programming needs. Fortitude we speak English, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and not unaccompanied as native vocabulary sales folks, but thanks to undeniable scientific consultants. If you prefer skype: albaspectrum