Saturday, September 12, 2009

Choosing the Right Domain Name With No Mistakes!

Choosing a dominion name may seem like the straightforward mechanism in the planet to do but after a recent joke sphere miscarry on us we believed we would stake our incident and compromise a few points to consider before anybody else manage an equally daft mistake.

So what are simple things to consider before committing to a area name?

1) Is it apt to offend?

PoLR were commissioned to strategy a website for 2 juvenile folk singers. Over our preliminary reunion (which entangled the odd swallow or two) the purview name was categorical upon. Now, we held, who needs to use the noticeable way out? (their first name). So it was resolute that was the far smelly and fun option! It was far-out and fun for all of a few until it was meaningful out that slapstick varies from country to country and that accurate marketplace may not find it entirely so sharp. Ah well, back to the clear resolution then! *sulk*

2) Can it be misread?

We've all seen the blog job with (unintentionally) tongue in cheek purview. Who can forget the 'Pen Island' company who went for or the so exceptional PR company,'Who Represents' with the territory This is good for entertaining emails between contacts but it may not be the way you want your company to be stand in for online, especially if your company can absolutely not find the money for being misread for a slightly rude term. An model a while back being Mole Station Nursery develop to variation their field completely as it used to read .com.

3) Can it be read and retain?

Short and agreeable is the name of the game here. Say you have a domain name such as, perhaps it's striking, mayhap it call what you do but how does it look on a business card and more importantly...will it even fit?

4) Will it go to you?

Remember, no question what name you take make sure the realm entry is in your name and stop any on-screen squatters from holding you to ransom for something that should be yours.