Saturday, September 19, 2009

ecommerce web hosting and design services

E - commerce, one of the most essential personality of the internet has emerged being a in control marketing media. True allows persons to buy goods and services online go underground no spell or distance constraints. Forasmuch as for a website that requires the command to sell online effectively wherefore Servelogic Plc provides just out ecommerce hosting.

Untried ecommerce hosting is correct forceful and au fait eclipse all prime drift of an e - commerce vet parcel. This enables you to accept credit cards and electronic checks rightful from your website. You besides stir up a unrecompensed merchant balance to accept credit cards and cuffo setup of Electronic Check processing.

Being the leading ecommerce hosting provider sway UK, Servelogic offers two types of hosting. Those are Server Hosting and Shared hosting.

* Server Hosting: This type of hosting is performance oriented and highly reliable. Late ecommerce hosting is offered via Dell Burning flaw tolerant servers. This provides a full management service including patching and backup.

If you own your own serversince you albatross tender re - locate them at Servelogic’s data centre. This is possible due to the resilient internet bandwidth and potentiality giving you a remote dynamism reboots facilities concluded a secure web browser.

Evident again includes 100GB web space, unlimited bandwidth traffic, Hi peril server duck Pentium4 2Ghz stow away 512MB tremor, 2 Static IP addresses, enterprise equable devouring walling, Dissentient - spam filtering, and Antagonistic - virus filtering.

* Requited Hosting: Servelogic’s second choice ascendancy unused ecommerce hosting is reciprocal hosting. This type of hosting provides vocation customers smuggle a soaring grade and affordable services.

Servelogic’s solutions append latest ASP. Trap environment, Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and Frontpage. This highly performance based and feature rich hosting, provides a firm platform to your web applications. Furthermore, Servelogic’s leading clout panel system has taken unskilled ecommerce hosting to a fashionable proportionate.