Thursday, October 22, 2009

ecommerce hosting solutions

Ecommerce has ripen into the buzz of the juncture!! The Internet boom stories revolving around Ecommerce, Online selling or shopping has been advancement turn by extent and the late thinkers are losing a huge bazaar.

The advent of online payment gateways, improvement in Supply chain management and paucity of turn to life to the original stores have been the root reasons for the evolution magnetism online vocation. But dispassionate thinking about one’s own Ecommerce site makes one shudder due to huge investments required. The branded or customized Ecommerce solutions commencement at exorbitant price and the maintenance charges also come out serve as pulchritudinous grand.

Forasmuch as, when the spell is accordingly attractive and enterprise unrealized low, open source solutions come into sight. The ajar source solutions have weird the way netting based sites and softwares are running. The community growing, yawning source punch line, low cost of mastery ( virtually for nothing ) and towering ROI are basic ingredient of Unlocked Source Solutions.

osCommerce ( available as freebie download from http: / / www. oscommerce. com ) is the most comprehensive and popular open source Shopping Caravan system on Internet. Veritable has a huge index of texture and is prevalent the most all-around shopping caravan solution and offers far-reaching scope of customization choices for the on - line storefront owners depending on their extremity at a especial affordable price. The basic script charge impersonate downloaded totally for nothing stash plenary source code. The costs of customization and hosting are the solitary absorbed costs which when compared shroud other solutions, will perform meager.

osCommerce is an online shop e - commerce solution that offers a wide scope of out - of - the - box make-up that allows online stores to exemplify setup fairly quickly camouflage ease, and is released beneath the GNU General Public License. osCommerce is a unabbreviated online store solution that contains both a describe frontend and an administration tool backend, which responsibility stage easily configured over interlacing. osCommerce was up-to-date pull Walk 2000 and has since grizzled to a solution that is currently powering 6, 204 registered aware shops around the heavenly body.

Requirements: osCommerce utilizes Unbarred Source solutions to store a handout and unlocked e - commerce platform, which includes the mighty PHP netting scripting language, the stable Apache interlacing server, and the quickly MySQL database server. Hush up no smashing requirements, osCommerce is able to flight on extra PHP 4. 1 + enabled web server running on Linux, Solaris, BSD, Mac OS Caress, and Microsoft Windows environments.


· Oscommerce is template based and offers unitary scope of customization.

· The Backend to request the site offers bedding for unlimited product categories and merchandise; both virtual and solid. Multilingual, multi currency base, database backup and restore facility, stock availability, invoices and customer relation management are inbuilt modules.

· The Frontend offers customers to browse uncondensed diagnose eclipse ease, wishlists, personal accounts plant purchase history and mosaic billing and shipping addresses, and myriad other user helpful humor to initiate the overall shopping a gentle sophistication.

· Payment ration covers infinite offline payment processing ( cheque, property orders, offline credit stress processing,.. ) and online payment processing ( 2CheckOut, PayPal, Authorize. catch, iPayment,.. )

· The shipping and impost sliver fulfils nearly all the main requirements.