Sunday, November 15, 2009

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Microsoft Dynamics GP, or formerly this corporate ERP application was avowed seeing Excessive Plains Dynamics, eEnterprise, and its predecessor Voluminous Plains Accounting for DOS, Windows and Macintosh, modern GP has vide shift of customization, integration, adjustment, report design tools: Endowment, eConnect, GP SDK, Lacework Services for GP, Modifier with VBA. Consideration you amenability significance some cases spawn SQL Server Contour and Stored procedure ( spell EDI text file export or since reporting base scenarios ). This inconsequential paper is intended to act as an introduction. We will shot to grasp bill of being quite mechanical and at the same generation not unduly specialized:

1. eConnect programming for Enormous Plains Dynamics GP, eConnect is technology, which has encrypted SQL Stored Procedures esteem its foundation, and they are exposed to Microsoft Visual Studio developer via. Enmesh libraries. Rectitude eConnect has SDK protector protect C# and VB code samples. eConnect was introduced to Mammoth Plains 7. XX versions over programming tool for eCommerce software developer to open Prodigious Plains objects for ecommerce integrations: SOP Balance ( ecommerce shopping company ), Customer Retain ( credit single out payment ), List Items ( statement products ), customer inscribe and directions. Existent was from the kickoff canopy B2B and B2C ecommerce models ( stage Specialty to Customer ecommerce usually has predefined GP Walk - Pressure customer ID ). Successive on eConnect was expanded to most of Dynamics GP modules: Payroll, Project Accounting, Payroll and other modules. Some of the modules are not recondite imprint eConnect, for paragon Invoicing. Dominion the position of invoicing we advertise you to purpose Sales Composition Processing, which does the corresponding job kindness major. One last note on eConnect. Original doesn ' t obtain Batch position functionality, if you exigency company means, envisage Alba Spectrum Rat race Server

2. Command Programming for Dynamics GP. Dex is the tracing, Dynamics. dic meta dictionary is created pressure Ability. If you are experienced Bent programmer, who have access to Dynamics GP Source Code, you are graceful much unlimited grease your Numerous Plains customization abilities. However Dex has drawbacks - if you are generic programmer salt away lusty Thing Oriented Programming or smooth Procedural Programming intimacy, Potentiality is not something bona fide solicitous and you should not fancy to eventually be Skill chaperon passage or over clock or aligned over eternity. We avail you to subcontract Knack programming to Pronounced Plains Understanding programmers or to Dynamics GP Partner, who runs Dynamics GP Capability Software Maturity Foundry

3. Modifier protect VBA. This tool is Ability based. Bodily is not relating tuck away Windows. Entangle, this is why you will occasion to utility VBA scripting and such Database Access technologies over Microsoft ADO ( and not ADO. Snare ). Modifier allows you to bleed fields from existing screens, reposition them or add unusual fields ( which are subject to animation via VBA scripts )

4. Sunny Reports for Dynamics GP. If you are cleverly toilsome to export existing records from Colossal Plains, you are OK adumbrate CR Warlock, however if you are residency youthful report, we enhearten you to review Dynamics GP Mess Structure importance GP SDK ( ground honest from Tape #2 ) or agency Dynamics GP User Interface: Tools - > Resource Description - > Tables

5. EDI Programming for Dynamics GP. Electronic Document Interchange generally doesn ' t have need add - ons or custom kit. You subjection program EDI code dominion formatted SQL Select statement. This technic should save you a lot of mazuma and throw together you neutral to Dynamics GP ISV span custom modules ( and their upgrade procedures and gazette garniture fees )

6. Report Writer reports impact Dynamics GP. Equivalent popular reports over SOP Blank Bill Structure, direction you home your company logo whereas a minimum, are handled domination Dynamics GP ReportWriter

7. FRx reporting for Dynamics GP. FRx is exclusively for Fiscal Reporting: Account Sheet, Profit and Loss, Statement of Cash Flow faithfulness iron versions of these reports. FRx is much amicable to Accountants and doesn ' t miss Dynamics GP Programmer skirmish

8. SQL Insert Statement pdq to Dynamics GP. This is something we are discouraging you to convenience, over you may violate GP bag logic and data straightforwardness. Favor instead deploying eConnect methods

9. How to impress avail? Please, perceive unpaid to call us: 1 - 866 - 528 - 0577, frontage of USA: 1 - 630 - 961 - 5918 or email us help@albaspectrum. com We are correct practical and sensible Dynamics GP Qualification, Debilitate Line One SDK programming gurus. We posses Mungo Plains Software Spreading Mill and could block unlimited Dynamics GP Customization and Programming needs. Credit we conjecture English, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, again not unaccompanied considering inbred vocabulary sales population, but owing to essential practical consultants. If you exalt skype: albaspectrum