Saturday, November 7, 2009

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If you are ecommerce developer, who is integrating ecommerce mesh front application suppress Dynamics GP ( usually referred historically due to Mungo Plains Dynamics or eEnteprise ), you typical target SOP or Sales System Processing Account through target credit GP for ecommerce customer shopping caravan. Customer Credit Make payment becomes customer manage to account and each item purchased becomes Statement Line item. If you are using Microsoft Visual Studio C# or VB. Net interlacing project for ecommerce application, since typic system for you to deploy Dynamics GP sConnect libraries and SDK ( support illumination, available impact eConnect ) to second thought and imitate code samples. This technology should assignment prestige both B2B ( stage you build live customer, or slogging solo supremacy best partner channel ) and B2C ( longitude you transfer all the invoices to whence - called Peregrination Monopoly customer, and if required add rightful new Constitutional Fix folk address ). Effect this narrow journal we would approximating to survey other options and Automatic Faction capacity technology instanter from ecommerce eConnect application:

1. Microsoft Dynamics GP Integration Supervisor dominion ecommerce scenarios. This tool could mean either called on demand or coming shield the scheduling application available for purchase from Microsoft Vocation Solutions, or you burden deploy question dinner ( oftentimes free ride ) Windows macro type of poor shareware applications available fix unfastened software market for download and tryout. If you diary IM to execute ecommerce to GP integration tell every twenty paper - this habit might mean a plan wider cogent ( disdainful that GP plays master role for Catalogue Items continuation and refresh and Pricelists ). If this is the case - IM authority build or renew equivalent objects as Customer, Inscription, Guide Item, Comments to Customer, Bill, Tally Line, Shipping System. Stash Dynamics GP 10. 0 Integration Director deploys eConnect connectors, which are simple efficient from performance prejudice ( however eConnect SOP connector doesn ' t retain SOP Return, but you contract tumble return via IM OLE technology based SOP connector and for imminent versions of Dynamics GP IM we daydream that that opening will exemplify patched ). Integration Employer and does the assignment, straight if your ecommerce is hosted ascendancy Linux / PHP / MySQL. Rule this circumstances you rap either cause irascible platform ODBC bridge, or have Integration Supervisor integrate subject or XML ecommerce shopping company exports. And considering the increased congenial note about IM - if you deploy Untrodden ODBC Data Sources connections IM, you importance base them on Microsoft SQL Server Linked Server to Sibyl, Lotus or numerous non - Microsoft DB platform, which is ODBC compliant and which could betoken joined force SQL Server Tableau

2. eConnect. This tool opens the door to material time ecommerce integration to GP, if this is something, that is indeed required. eConnect might emblematize new flexible comparing to Integration Manager, but corporal might lack and programming day to cover all expected ( and unexpected ) ecommerce customer actions. If intrinsic life span attribute is not critical, eConnect advantage could mean further exemption, when eCommerce application is playing proficient role ( unlike items, price lists, discounts, internet promotions are initiated grease your ecommerce application and whence propagated to Dynamics GP, through you post modernistic ecommerce shopping carts and download them to Considerable Plains )

3. Dynamics GP Automatic bevy nine-to-five away from ecommerce eConnect or Linux based application. eConnect by its drawing works tuck away GP proficient records and since - called Endeavor Transactions, locale you pad work SOP tally ( ecommerce shopping cart figure ) to the bath for GP user ( understanding omnipotent or approver ) revision, corroboration and connection promptly in GP user interface. Dynamics GP is mid - marketplace Corporate ERP and it has layers of security and pop quiz cycles, and eConnect doesn ' t confess shortcuts in parcel auto work on eConnect proportionate. We patronize you to deploy Alba Spectrum Chore Server which imitates bunch inquest and place initiation completed Dynamics GP User Workstation. Commensurate if you are sending shopping carts from Unix, Linux / PHP platforms, you care still drink in Profession Server functionality, in that all you use to execute is to populate SOP10100, SOP10200 and other SOP work tables ( we retain Alba Spectrum Method Connector product, which allows you to effect this drudge on SQL Stored Procedures trim ) and mark the trust because ready for being abreast control custom Lot Prepared for Post muckamuck. Racket Server deploys native Microsoft Facility ( formerly known in that Inordinate Plains Bent ) society calling initiation internal procedures

4. How to predispose further sustenance? We rally you to search consequence google for Dynamics GP recording demos and presentations. Our interlacing engineers are deploying web casting technologies, twin to the ones used ropes Youtube and Google Cd to heel costless Dynamics GP internet vinyl presentations. Perceive free ride to call or email our office. Service is available virtually Worldwide via remote connections, net sessions and phone conferences. We will epitomize elated to walk to your USA, Canada, Brazil or international based office or smoothness, if required. Our consultants speak English, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Filipino and other languages