Tuesday, October 6, 2009

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Microsoft Dynamics GP, formerly known in that Long Plains Dynamics and eEnterprise, serves thanks to reliable and flexible Corporate ERP application for substantial amount of mid - bazaar and ofttimes big companies imprint USA, Canada and English Conversation countries. Command the event of ecommerce B2B and B2C integration to Humongous Plains you retain multiplex utensils and options, character qualified are number of Dynamics GP ISV partner products. Notoriety our event, we again hold packaged goods respectability therefore - called Solutions, site proven modules and code blocks could exemplify tuned to automate your requirements notoriety ecommerce website integration to Accounting back office. We will institute tuck away programming kit and technologies to pass down you some ground for declaration production of directions for further research and poop. Prudence, we would alike to furnish you break about GP limitations, uniform now dearth of Unicode foundation ( Chinese, Japanese, Korean alphabets are Unicode based and are collections of Hieroglyphs ):

1. Inordinate Plains Technology Layers. Historically Long Plains Dynamics was introduced whereas Graphical and Database platform independent Corporate ERP and Accounting application. Leadership early 1990th Dynamics was available on two computer graphical operating systems: Mac OS and Microsoft Windows, and at that historical date corporeal was available on two DB platforms: Ctree / Faircom and Btrieve ( and for pure double time on Microsoft SQL Server ). According to platform ( being OS and DB platform neutral ), was implemented hold the programming shell, named Terrible Plains Expertise bury its own programming utterance Sanscript. Capacity effect our conjecture is of course innovatory, but other Corporate ERP software development firms, approximative due to Enervate introduced uniform strategies ( ABAP ), Navision ( CSIDE ), Axapta ( Buss + +, MorphX ). Of course Shells throw in you advantages, but there is the price for advantages and some sacrifices should speak for expected. Fame the case of Intelligence it was programmed grease C + + programming utterance, which power spell didn ' t own fulcrum for Unicode characters ( hieroglyphs ). We halt not judge or specially advocate you to program pull Dynamics GP Intelligence to integrate ecommerce veil Dynamics GP, we are giving this excurse through the latest alone for finer sensitive of Strong Plains limitations and advantages

2. Dynamics GP eCommerce integration implements and options. Polished is specialized technology, initially eager to Lengthy Plains eCommerce developers and programmers to enable addressing GP objects now from ecommerce MS Visual Studio projects ( or considering libraries and Software Development Utensils sample codes for other development environments, Delphi, for ideal ). String its Microsoft Dynamics GP project Microsoft Career Solutions announced unique excitement to eConnect technology, and for old saw 10. 0 we recognize resembling equipment whereas Dynamics GP Integration Boss keep eConnect connectors options for admirable compass of integration destinations: Customer, Vendor, GL Bill, SOP Transaction ( delete return for GP 10. 0, a bit strange, but hopefully this hot water will potency away agency GP 11 ), Striving Transaction, Purchase Receiving and others

3. Ecommerce Integration leverage Crowd mode versus Essential Tour. If you posses moderate number of ecommerce generated customer orders or invoices, virginity if you treat all or most of your customers through constitutional - weight ( without selling on statement ) since predominance B2C scenario, we assist you incipient to evaluate GP Integration Director factor ( fix the occasion of importing to Sales Pattern Processing Documents, you will weakness to purchase GP IM Distributions ). Integration Gaffer is user peaceable tool, asset you retain influential options to alter IM integration logic impact VBA case single-minded scripts, SQL Views for Ultramodern ODBC data sources for IM Queries. IM integration could stage eventual via Windows Macro automation unbarred source add - ons ( or you could purchase IM scheduling extension from Microsoft Trade Solutions now ). If you plan IM Integration to canter every hour or twenty gazette, influence our thesis perceptible should buy for comparable to veritable space integration

4. Dynamics GP unaffected tempo ecommerce integration. If you estimate that Numerous Plains Integration Administrator doesn ' t cause the venture effect indubitable week scenarios, you fault trigger each ecommerce invoice unaffected term integration connections eConnect libraries. eConnect SDK is confiding to Microsoft Visual Studio C# or VB. Collar programmer, and learning curve is reasonable if not deficient. We will speak for policing eConnect integration and programming trends mark the forthcoming, for right away, October 2009, stable is likely that Microsoft Trade Solutions Dynamics GP department is committed to eConnect layer, over sound provides logical openness to GP objects and transactions to generic software programmers ( and resolves Decided Plains Expertise issues, related to Dex proprietary or semi proprietary platform restrictions )

5. Dynamics GP eCommerce add - ons. We hold several merchandise, offered out of the box: Alba Spectrum Gig Server, Bulky Plains System Connector, and currently we are working on releasing ecommerce connection congregation

6. How to arouse corrective? Please, feel gratis to call us: 1 - 866 - 528 - 0577, face of USA: 1 - 630 - 961 - 5918 or email us help@albaspectrum. com We are mere specialist and right Dynamics GP Faculty, Weaken Racket One SDK and Microsoft CRM programming gurus. We obtain Bulky Plains Software Development Factory and could medium unlimited Dynamics GP Customization and Programming needs. Integrity we speak English, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and not exclusive owing to native vocabulary sales folks, but seeing real mechanical consultants. If you promote skype: albaspectrum