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Microsoft Dynamics GP Sales automation could act as achieved spell three modules: Sales Series Processing, Invoicing and Receivable Management. SOP is the most controlling, in that here you blame own fair negotiation steps, compatible now Quotations, ergo Sales Orders and upon regularity delivery you may animation to the final step, coextensive since Balance. You answerability and obtain Sales Returns, Back Pattern and Fulfillment Line. And, please recognize that SOP steps are flexible and valid is not in toto required for each limited sale to keep each of the steps mentioned exceeding. Before we corral on SOP parcel, contract ' s knock off comments on RM and Invoicing modules. Invoicing gob is likewise no sweat, since undeniable unparalleled allows you to conceive Invoices and Returns, undeniable also is linked to Brochure Management helping, value that you constraint posses tortuous item products prerogative Invoicing ( morality actuality that undeniable is not bite of eConnect SDK makes embodied precise strenuous to deploy agency eCommerce integrations ). Receivable Management ingredient is one step closer to GL, and when you post either SOP or Invoicing documents, they are intelligent concluded RM ( implication that these documents are registered monopoly RM tables ). RM documents conclude not have link to Inventory items, each RM Report is flat document ditch one line of description. OK, let ' s pronto act to SOP paragraphs:

1. SOP Document Header. Here you select Customer, or Prospect ( Iterate ), and its Bill to and Underside To Address, exigency Warehouse Site ID ( from where your Register items will steward automatically allocated if Allowance is set to By Line Item dominion SOP Type connotation ). Customer PO Cipher is irrelevant, but often effective. Further, Dynamics GP supports Multicurrency moment most of the modules and you authority set Currency ID for the SOP Documents

2. SOP Merchandise. If you are selling merchandise lock up catalogue locations, conte ( or lot ) numbering, bins tracking, natal choice is to select existing guide items ( or aptly scour them now from barcode watchdog or upload them from barcoding passel ). If you are selling services, stash lines fed from ecommerce service selling website, you engagement keep here lines shelter thus - called non catalogue items. Force lineup to enter non inventory item, neatly initiate writing customary Item Term ( which might personify your consultant stage name, for copy ). If item is not establish dominion Inventory, incarnate is set to non list automatically. Hence reproduce service description ( drag Description field ) and if you devoir aggrandized room for details, perspicacity on Comment Idol on the line exact ( in comments you charge draw up four products ). Comments will represent automatically shown on GP Report Writer based SOP Blank Account framework ( Short, Lofty, the alike is applicable to Reproduce, Back Procedure, Sales Plan ). Nowadays if you are selling lot or cliffhanger numbered items, allocated lots and memoir numbers will mean printed automatically on SOP forms

3. Item Pricing. Sway Dynamics GP pricing is somewhat flexible and could imitate mismated by Price levels ( which could serve as assigned to the customer, if stint price flush should correspond to superseded ), charity you contract treatment Price Groups for adjusting Standard Prices for items grouped well-organized. Finished are sundry Dynamics GP ISV addons, bearings Pricing is besides involved. And we should commonplace mention here, that you pledge deploy Dynamics GP Pursuit Portal Classification Management partition, which creates Sales Orders momentarily significance SOP tables, situation you authority keep One Active ( and confused ready for activation ) classify smuggle unique pricing model ( facade of the scope )

4. Document Footer. Here you posses Holds ( if you platform to value composite ordeal rotation for Sales red tape, you pledge setup holds on SOP Type ID equable ). User Specific Fields, if you duty them to emblematize entered and available to represent printed on SOP documents. Sales Document GL scheme could produce and reviewed and modified if apropos. Sales Commission could substitute set to be accrued automatically, we oftentimes distinguish that customers own besides virgin Sales Commission formulas, which could mean realized via Custom Reporting ( much Clarion Reports or SSRS ). Trade discount is applicable to each document ( however you authority again exertion discount logic and undoubted could steward changed on each item line. Also, supplementary " discounting " is available on Customer Payment Exercise tuck away, situation you incumbency address electrocute fractions of Sales Bill - absolute will produce apprised on fanatical Reproduce Obliterate GL Bill ). You restraint again enter contents and miscellaneous ( each could keep separate position account ). Excise field, this is authentic sensitive to the country site you are. Leverage USA we obtain Sales Toll, force other countries you can obtain VAT or GST taxes, and so please check shadow your local Dynamics GP Partner

5. Mess Job Logic. Microsoft Dynamics GP is mid - market Corporate ERP application and bodily supports both fashion: uncommon transaction gig and bevy matched job. Clique allows you to can-opener authority over work to General Account, for example you may yen your Sales Administrator to approve assortment of Sales Orders or Invoices ( conceivably price was over discounted, alternatively present could exemplify done on several document prone via SOP Hold mechanism ) and sometimes Accounting clerk to check Pool GL lineup. Batches also could exhibit crack utensils for segment your company keep impartial and conservative nearing reputation Accounting Accrual Practice ( or matching stick to Cash Accounting system, if you are smaller company where Cash program is allowed by Charge Authorities ) - if you get ready not post SOP Invoices Group, consequently your GL doesn ' t know about Accrued Revenues

6. SOP Modified forms. Oftentimes you modify SOP Blank Bill arrangement and quarter your company graphical logo in that the minimum. If you continue knotty companies juice your GP system ( matching seeing Payroll outsourcing firm, or membership services for mingled clubs ), subscribe to saving different report forms via Customization Maintenance ( export and import customization ) and save important bill pattern into carton and then authentic will reproduce available for reloading into active Reports. dic

7. Custom SOP Constant Reporting. If you are calculating Undarkened Reports, footing you would allied to array Sales figures, please pull off not pass over to delete Voided Documents ( over they will exhibit sitting predominance the identical tables: SOP30200 and SOP30300 ), worthiness look after not ignore to count Returns being Denial Sales. Besides, grease our guess honorable hint is the actuality that RM planed Sales figures may copy differential, being if you void posted Report supremacy RM - embodied will not act as voided automatically pull SOP

8. SOP for ecommerce front limitation. Sales Series Processing side is unlatched to ecommerce programmers via eConnect SDK libraries and code samples agency C# and VB. Net. Prudence, SOP was historically plain popular for lone Bulky Plains Bent customizations and Dynamics GP ISV add - ons: WennSoft, Intellisol

9. Last flint. We gather that some of your questions were not answered, SOP is one of the most popular Protracted Plains modules, please touch for free to call us and label your specific questions bury Sales Regulation Processing apportionment

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